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We have nearly 70 unique innovation patents in the world to guide the scientific and technological application of intelligent robots around the world

Normal cleaning suction state

The liftable suction port design is closer to the ground than the suction port of the traditional sweeping robot, and the vacuum range is wider, which directly improves the cleaning effect of vacuuming.

When blocked suction port

If an obstacle is encountered during cleaning, the suction port will automatically rise. If the suction port is blocked by an obstacle, the suction power will automatically increase, effectively cleaning the dust and dirt in the gap.

S pointing route guidance technology


Guide the vacuum cleaner robot to move to the designated target position for cleaning, let you feel the intelligent control experience you want in life, and redefine intelligence for you The standard of clean living.


Turbo Vac


The global patented Turbo Vac turbine vacuum technology has been developed, which completely subverts the vacuuming benefits brought by the fan. With the world's thinnest body at 5 cm and the world's largest suction power of 180mmAq, it rewrites the new industry standard and maximizes the cleaning efficiency of the vacuum cleaner robot.