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Matsutek was established, mainly engaged in air purifiers, steam

Research and development and production of water distillers.




Jointed research and development with Japan's brand. Matsutek was promoted to mainstream ODM home appliance manufacturing suppliers.




Air purifiers successfully entered the US market and became

Honeywell main supplier.




Become an international brand air purification. Air purifier R & D OEM suppliers, every 5 air purifiers in the US market.




Successfully developed a new generation of lightweight air purifiers for Honeywell,

Global annual performance growth of more than 20%.




Began to invest in the research and development of intelligent vacuum cleaner robots, and successively obtained

multinational patent rights.




Launched the V series of smart vacuum cleaners and entered the United States for the first time.




For the most important milestone of Matsutek, launch a complete designed  vacuum cleaner robot  in Taiwan with the function of intelligent return home device and with functions of sweeping and mopping at the same time.




Launched RV series and TRV series products, and obtained cooperation and orders. Matsutek become of well-known home appliance manufacturer.




Developed a new generation of lightweight intelligent vacuum cleaner robot, which caused a hot sale in Japan. 





Launched the V-BOT brand and officially entered Chinese market. It has received a lot of response from the market on sales platforms such as Taobao Mall. 




Launched a variety of technological vacuum cleaner robot products,

such as:

IP cam vacuum cleaner robot


Extreme slim vacuum cleaner robot


LDS vacuum cleaner robot



Matsutek uses multiple applications of intelligent vacuum cleaner robots integrated into IOT of home appliances and personal smart phone platform.  It was hoped that to build the digital home in the future.