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R&D and Production Center

With 20 years of experience in cleaning robot battery technology and AI artificial intelligence, it has developed a super battery module with a service life of more than 10 years, and combined with related industrial chains to create high-quality products.

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Our Service

We know that different foreign markets require customization of product requirements. We provide customers and partners with a complete product design and development process, from the very beginning of design to the final product launch.

Features of E-Bike --Battery

Combining 20 years of cleaning robot experience and AI artificial intelligence to develop a super battery.  Our batteries support  high-efficiency recharging, long battery life that up to  10 years or more, and suitable for the charging piles.




Charging pile features

It only takes 6 minutes to charge from 0 to 100% at 10x speed. The built-in battery pack can retain more than 90% of its power after 3,000 quick charges and quick discharges. The battery lasts almost forever.

Sustainable riding

"Kinetic Energy Recovery System overcomes technical limitations and can convert energy recovery into batteries when going downhill.  

"Green Energy Living Circle" Project

Matsutek actively promotes green life and creates low-carbon living style. We integrate e-bike and charging pile system services with AI intelligence to green life and sustainable city. 

Charging piles popularized throughout Taiwan

Matsutek joined the vehicle charging system around all Taiwan's  gas stations, airports, parking lots, residential buildings, shopping malls, convenience stores, government agencies, motorcycle shops, etc. Our e-bike can all be plugged in and charged, and can be fully charged within 10 minutes.