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Brand Concept


To create a better life, Matsutek is combining industrial design with AI technology to let Taiwan becomes the first in the world to export vacuum cleaners.

Our efforts are to make home life comfortable and enjoy beautiful future.

Caring for social groups 

As a company, we endow ourselves with the social responsibility to who needs help.  We understand their actual needs, and we are willing to give what we have to improve their economic and educational environment.

Education plan


It is the obligation for Matsutek, and it is the obligation and responsibility of the brand in Taiwan.

Through continuous innovation, we corporate with Taiwan's  middle school and the different university. we are hoping that our next generation can stand on the world stage because of Matsutek.

Environmental protection is the most important responsibility of an enterprise to society.

Protecting the environment is our commitment to society.

The core of research and development is the care and enthusiasm for the environment.